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The Rules of Curling


Beginner Level Overviews


Curling for Dummies (like me!):  view the cheat sheet, it's barely useful, but a very quick read if you're in a hurry.


Curling Explained:  view the 5-minute video, it's a bit dated on timing rules, but pretty thorough.


Official Rules Resources


US Curling Association (USCA) Rules:  view the pdf   or   visit the website

World Curling Federation (WCF) Rules:    view the pdf   or   visit the website


Specialty Rules


GNCC 5-and-Under Rules:  view the pdf   or   visit the website


Curling Ice Features and Markings 

In the form of a leisurely stroll down the sheet, listing components in roughly the order you’d encounter them.


Sheet: The area of ice roughly 150’ long and between 14' 2" and 16’ 5" wide, with markings suitable for the sport of curling


Boards: The ends of the sheet (no more than 150’ apart) – these are generally not marked out in arena curling


Hack: A pair of parallel footholds mounted into/onto the ice no more than 6’ from the boards.


Center line:  A line running the full length of the playing sheet – exactly 138’ from near hack to far hack


House: The 12-foot diameter concentric rings at both end of the sheet that are used for scoring (i.e., those giant targets)


Back line:  A ½” wide line across the ice 6’ in front of each hack, intersecting the “back” of the house


Tee (or Pin):  A small hole in the ice located directly in the center of the house (exactly 12’ in front of each hack


Tee line:  A ½” wide line across the ice that intersected the center-line at the tee


Back (of the house): The half of the house closest to the near hack (between the back line and tee line)


Top (of the house):  The other half of the house (i.e., farthest from the closest hack)


Button: The 12- to 16-inch circle centered on the tee


4-foot circle:  The 4-foot diameter ring centered on the tee (and similar for the 8’ and 12’ circles)


Side lines:  Lines parallel to the centerline that are at least 13” (max. 27”) from the right and left edges of the house


Hog line: A four-inch wide stripe across the sheet located 33’ from each hack


Guard zone:  The playing area bounded by the hog line, side lines, tee line, and the “front” of the house


Far hog: The hog line at the far end of the ice (from the perspective of the curling delivering a rock)


Scoring end:  The area bounded by the far hog to the far back-line, where rocks are delivered to for scoring

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